Note for Eloisa

Hi Eloisa,

 I thought I would share with you below, the vision I have for growing the SnS brand. There's alot I would like to do over the next couple of years so I have categorised the work tasks below. Hopefully this will help you see how the brand will continue to grow and work-tasks where you can use your strengths. 

At the moment the store is still relatively new and not profitable. Once the Bunnings project is further along and most prints are imported, I will have 5 hours work a week for you. But hopefully as visibility grows, sales will increase, the store can expand into more markets, product choice can expand and there will be more and more work for you if you would like. And the potential of paying you a higher rate if things go well and you would like to continue.

I also wanted to ask, if you would like me to pay you outside of Upwork for ongoing work so that you can have the full amount? I am happy to do that. Perhaps Paypal might work for that? But if you would like to stay with Upwork for everything, that is fine with me, totally up to you.

Feel free to leave some comments here on this page or you can correspond by email if you prefer -

For the work tasks below, I have highlighted the priority areas in orange. The blue point will be a weekly ongoing task, I am happy for you to take over that task any time when you are ready and if you want to. I think 30-60mins for preparation and posting for this task would be an adequate amount of time? The same post can be used for both pages, but posted individually. Happy to discuss.

Have a read through the below and feel free to share your thoughts and feedback where applicable.

Vision for SaltynSweet (growth plan for next 1-2 years)

Store Visibility

  • Improve SEO
  • Improve search results on google
  • Complete Google business profile
  • Advertising - Google Ads, FB/insta ads / influencers / other ads
  • Contact QPuzzles and get listed on their website as artist


  • Continue importing art onto Bunnings marketplace
  • fix issues
  • Introduce canvas options as new products (same prints but as a separate canvas product)
  • Find other potential marketplaces where products would be a good fit for i.e Ikea, Freedom, Amazon etc


  • Facebook/Insta posts 1xweek
  • Pinterest post 1x week
  • TikTok video 1x week
  • Twitter?
  • Upload products to social shops especially FB/Insta

Web Page

  • Upgrade Shopify Theme - maybe Dawn or Studio or another free theme
  • revamp webpage - new images, layout, video
  • improve product page layout so features are organised and pages looks tidier
  • Create better images for collection pages
  • Clean up About Us story - make the message clearer
  • brand messaging - create a clear message through web page about the brand, who we are and what we offer (introduce story-telling through images/media and messaging)


  • Create new design for puzzle boxes
  • look for new Australian canvas print supplier
  • Add new supplier canvas products to store
  • Expand product range e.g calendars, diaries, other ideas
  • Create product bundles - same prints and puzzles
  • Create digital story books to go with each image
  • Create image stories - consecutive images that tells a story

American Store

  • Start setting up North American market in store - geolocation apps, store geolocator for menu (contact us details)
  • set up collection, about us and product pages
  • product pricing spreadsheet with supplier
  • product pages in shopify
  • product options/variants in app
  • look for local nth American puzzle supplier